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IFBI is a part of the NIIT Institute for Finance, Banking and Insurance Training Ltd (NIFBIT), an NIIT venture in which ICICI Bank has equity participation.

IFBI has an Academic Council to monitor and manage academic affairs. This council decides on matters like program structure, course curriculum, content, award of titles and delivery methodology. Student rules and academic regulations are also governed by this Council. The Council approves all final awards of certificates to Diploma level and above.

IFBI is headed by the President of the company who leverages on the support of various units like the Academic Team, Operations Team, Industry Relations Team, Alliances Team and Marketing Team. IFBI has many education centres across India which are managed by Centre Heads. The academic delivery at these centres is managed by the Academic-Coordinator who is usually a person with deep domain expertise.

IFBI receives inputs from NIIT and ICICI Bank – and through numerous interactions with the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) industry and academia.

Detailed profiles of NIIT and ICICI Bank can be accessed at http://www.niit.com/ and http://www.icicibank.com/

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