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 Global Finance and Accounting Program-Genpact Reach Higher Initiative 

(A Certificate Program leading to a career in Finance & Accounting)

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It is often said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And that first step is the most important one that can change your life. Enrolling yourself for a world class training program that can open up opportunities for you is just like that first step.

 With that background, welcome to the world of ‘Reach Higher’, a unique skills program jointly created by some of the best names in the business – Genpact, NASSCOM and NIIT - which offers you training in important areas like Finance & Accounting, Banking and Analytics –   At ZERO cost for you!

Why Genpact?

In the last 15 years, Genpact has successfully trained more than 100,000 graduates to help them get employment. Genpact wishes to share its training expertise with society through the Reach Higher program. With Reach Higher, you get a chance to enhance your skills which further help you find great jobs. At the same time our Industry gets access to a pool of ready-for-big-jobs talent like you!

About Reach Higher

The Global Finance and Accounting (GFA) program is a certificate level program for graduates seeking a fulfilling career in Finance and Accounting- Reconciliation domain. The prime objective of the program is to equip youth like you with necessary skills for high performance in order to enable you to seize the opportunities and demand of the rapidly growing Business Process Management (BPM) industry besides helping build a talent pool for industries across India. Through this program, you will learn about international accounting standards, processes and terminologies making you competent in the skills required for Global Accounting.

Industry Overview

With the BPM (Business Process Management) industry growing at the rapid rate 15% per year and requiring about 1,20,000 people every year, the need for qualified, trained and skilled manpower is at an all-time high. The BPM industry needs professionals with good inter-personal and communication skills who are not only competent in fundamentals of Accounting & Finance but also are good at communication, business etiquette and professional skills.

The F&A (Finance and Accounting) domain is the largest component of the BPM industry and has three main areas of specialization: 

1. R2R – Record to Report – The end-to-end financial process right from recording financial transaction to finalization of financial statements.  The focus is on ensuring accuracy, compliance and delivering right information at the right time to the right person.

2. P2P – Procure to Pay – The end-to-end Procurement cycle right from identifying the right vendor, purchase of material or service to completion of payment. The focus is on ensuring efficiency in procurement, and accuracy in the payment process.

3. O2C – Order to Cash – The end-to-end process of receiving and fulfilling customer requests for goods or services to receiving payment. The focus is on ensuring efficiency in customer order management and getting timely payments into the business.

Program Objective

The program has been designed exclusively for graduates seeking a fast moving career in Global Accounting and Finance. The objective of this program is to provide practical global accounting knowledge and building competence to secure an F&A career in the BPM industry.               

After completion of the program, candidate will

  • Gain knowledge of BPM F&A industry – Methods and Practices
  • Understand F&A Business processes accepted globally
  • Understand end to end– Process, Policies and Practices
  • Gain practical application of Accounting Fundamentals and GAAP in the global back office context
  • Gain practical application of Financial Statement Derivation and Analysis
  • Gain an overview of IT applications in the F&A environment
  • Display relevant competence in spoken and written business communication
  • Display relevant competence in MS Office / equivalent particularly MS-Excel and MS-Word.
  • Demonstrate understanding of basic customer service
  • Demonstrate Professional grooming and business etiquette

Courses in the Program

  • Global Business Process for F&A
  • Accounting Concepts & GAAP
  • F&A Fundamentals and its Applications
  • F&A Process – R2R / P2P /O2C
  • Business Etiquette
  • MS Office Skills
  • Communication Skills

Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate should be a commerce graduate (B.com)
  • Correspondence graduates can also apply

We especially encourage B.Com graduates who are not yet employed or seek to improve their career to apply.

Selection Process

The selection process for the program will be in three phases and shall be conducted by NIIT

  1. Aptitude Test: Interested applicants will undergo an initial round of aptitude test. The test would be a multiple choice questionnaire test with a mix of English, Quantitative ability and Logical ability questions.
  2. Personal Interview: All the eligible applicants post the aptitude test will undergo the personal Interview process.
  3. Communication Round

The student will be provided with a program welcome letter on selection.

Program Duration & Schedule

The program duration is 5 weeks (25 working days) consisting of classroom contact for five days in a week in a full time mode.

In addition to the formal classroom sessions, students may be required to participate in Assignments, Self-paced e-learning, and other reference work.

Evaluation & Certification

The classroom teaching phase of the course is evaluated through online test, classwork evaluation, assignments and projects. To qualify for the award of the Course title, candidate should have scored the minimum in the classwork syllabus. Tests during the classwork phase are administered online. Opportunity is also given to the student to improve their performance in the tests.

The program exit assessment will be conducted by Genpact and will be in line with the recruitment methods adopted by the BPM industry.

Placement Facility

On successfully clearing the post program assessment, candidates will be provided with job placement assistance.

Fee & other Key Terms & Conditions

The program is completely sponsored by Genpact and the candidate does not have to pay any fee for the program .

The admissions for the program are open at Delhi only.

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