Dear IFBI Alumni,

Thank you for visiting IFBI’s web site. You are a member of a special group of people who have been the pioneers in IFBI’s fantastic journey. 

As you know, NIIT IFBI is an initiative to aid the Banking, Financial services and Insurance sector (BFSI) with skilled manpower. With partnerships from India’s leading banks, we are creating confident, young professionals with hands-on knowledge about modern BFSI sector.

 You, our Alumni are the living proof of this endeavor. This community of people, now numbering over 32,500, continues to make significant and distinctive contributions to BFSI sector. In a few years many senior positions of the Banking Industry will be made of IFBI professionals such as you. It gives us great pride to see you taking great strides in your career.  We also thank you for reposing your confidence with us, when we were a young organization. Together we have achieved a lot in the last 8 years.

 Contact us on IFBIassist@niit.com or you may reach out on our social network on  https://www.facebook.com/ifbiindia

 IFBI has been working to strengthen its connection with our alumni over the past years. You can remain involved with the IFBI in many ways.

 I appreciate your support and honor your continued involvement with the IFBI family of faculty, students, staff, and alumni. As we look forward to a grand future, we invite you to participate and help us grow the IFBI Alumni Online Community and the larger IFBI family.

With best wishes for a bright career!


Bimal K Jain

President – IFBI


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