IFBI Application form - Bank Plus
CON. FM. 02 : 08
Date of Application (MM/DD/YY) 8/19/2019
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Call Center (1800–266–8000)
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Letter or email that I received from www.ifbi.com
Presentation or Seminar of IFBI that I attended
Representative of IFBI that I met
Recommendation of Current Student of IFBI Center (Buddy Kit)
Recommendation of Ex-student of IFBI Center (ALUMNI)
Recommendation of someone in the Banking Industry
SMS 56161
Other, Pl. specify
Academic background
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Program Preference*
The following programs are offered during the current admission cycle:
(Please rank your preference for these programs - 1 for your most preferred program, 4 for the next, and so on.)
APTFF - Advanced program in Trade Finance & Foreign exchange
CPSF-Certificate Program in SME Finance
CPRM-Certificate Program in Risk Management
CPSAM-Certificate Program in Stressed Assets Management
BMPP – Branch Management Proficiency Program
Work Experience
Do you have any work experience ?

I have gone through the IFBI Information Bulletin and Admission Guidelines Booklet to the various programs offered at IFBI. I have clearly understood the eligibility criteria for the programs offered and agree to abide by IFBI norms for the same. I declare that all information given and statements made in this application and also its accompanying attachments and enclosures are true to the best of my knowledge. I agree that if any information is found incorrect, my application and subsequent admission will automatically be cancelled and no money will be refunded. I am also aware that IFBI may reject my application without assigning any reason.


  1. The Applicants are advised to retain Photocopy of the completed Application Form for their records
  2. Please submit three passport size photographs along with the Application Form, with Name and Application No. written on the back of photograph.
  3. Please ensure that you collect your Invoice-cum-Receipt for all payments