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Onboarding Programs

The program is designed to train fresh and lateral hires to become day 1 job-ready professionals.

Through a comprehensive classroom training, coupled with creative pre-and post-training engagement, the participants are not only made ready for customer facing, banking operations, core banking system, and financial analysis but also understand the impact of new-age technology in Banking and Finance.

The program framework is flexible and can be contextualized to a bank, an insurance company or to a non-banking financial company.

The onboarding programs are available for the following roles:

  • Front-lines sales workforce of banks, insurance companies and NBFCs
  • Probationary officers of banks
  • Customer Service professionals

How we ensure enhanced productivity from day 1

  • Delivery is not based on topics, but on tasks relevant to job roles. Traditional training programs focused on covering important products, processes and systems in induction. These loaded the learners with all the information but did not provide them the necessary confidence to apply the learning at their workplace. The consequence is a confused new joiner, who avoids customer interaction due to lack of confidence. Our programs ensure the learners constantly keep an eye on the task they perform and acquire relevant skills and knowledge to perform those tasks. The training design mirrors an actual day in the life of the new joiners.
  • The Insurance industry faces high attrition, especially of new joiners with 0-6 months of tenure. A key reason for this is that new joiners do not see early wins at work due to lack of confidence and inability to apply the knowledge to work. Our programs ensure the application of skills and knowledge happens immediately, and the learner is able to demonstrate success and gain confidence within the training period.
  • Business simulations and field exposures are a part of our training design that provide the fresh hires a flavor of the real work place and its challenges. Familiarity with the workplace and skills to navigate through the challenges enable the new employees to become productive on day 1 of the job.
  • We provide a sustained learning path to learners, which helps them systematically learn and improve even after joining the work place.