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Online Programs @ NIIT Digital

As corporates are adopting to the new normal of virtual working, NIIT IFBI brings to you a variety of role-relevant online programs, delivered by industry practitioners, powered by NIIT Digital.

Role readiness for new Relationship Managers

A 40-hour program that provides new Relationship Managers skills to perform sales and customer relationship tasks effectively. The program provides techniques of identifying prospects, fixing appointments and managing meetings professionally. The focus is on pitching products based on the customer’s need and creating lasting relationships.

Learner profile: Relationship managers of less than 6 months tenure

Role readiness for new Branch Heads

A 20-hour program that provides new Branch Heads an overview of their key performance areas, which are Sales, Operations and Staff Management. The program helps them systematically plan their actions in the first 30 days in order to work towards their goals.  

Learner profile: Branch heads of less than 6 months tenure

Credit Management

A 20-hour program for Credit Officers / Asset Officers in Retail Banking Branch. This program provides an overview of credit management process and enables them to do careful assessment of proposals, following CIBIL guidelines.

Learner profile: Credit Officers / Asset Officers in Retail branches, 0 – 3 year tenure

Trade Finance

A 20-hour program that gives an understanding of Foreign exchange, International Trade and Domestic Sales, Legal framework, Export Finance, Remittances, Bank Guarantees, Merchant Trade, Buyer’s Credit and more.

Learner profile: New officers in Trade Finance funtion or Bank officials who would like to up skill themselves for the specialized area of Trade Finance

Virtual Selling Skills

A critical skill that customer-facing workforce needs to quickly acquire is to approach customer virtually, build rapport, present products and sell virtually. This comprehensive blended program helps the participants with practical ways of engaging customers and using good tools and techniques to sell virtually.

Learner profile: Customer-facing professionals with 6 months to 6 year tenure

Excellence in Branch Operations

A 20-hour program for Branch operations managers who are responsible for branch operations, such as cash management, as well as customer service, audit and compliance for the branch. This program covers the processes of branch operations and audits and best practice of customer handling. The program also gives the operations managers an insight into compliance requirements in all customer interactions and back-end operations.

Learner Profile: Operations managers of less than 1 year tenure

Designing Customer Experience

A 20-hour program designed for customer service professionals of Retail Bank branches. This program enables participants to identify what creates great customer experience, and how they can leverage various channels and tools to provide a great experience to customer and build lasting relationships. Through extensive role plays and case studies, the participants get insight into common mistakes and the ways to avoid those mistakes.

Learner profile: Retail branch professionals with 6 months to 3 year tenure


Digital Sales Enablement Tool

Many organizations face a challenge with the continuous learning and support of their distributed workforce. Once the employee joins the workplace after a formal induction, most learning happens on the job. Better performers acquire manager positions without a systematic training in people management. The problem compounds when the workforce is geographically distributed or has a feet-on-street profile.

To provide ongoing performance support to Sales professionals of banks and insurance companies, NIIT IFBI offers a mobile app-based Sales Enablement tool.

Some examples of scenarios where the Digital Sales Enablement tool could provide great value:

  • Just-on-time sales support to feet-on-street staff through product cue cards and How-To videos

  • Structured development path to experienced professionals to make them ready for managerial positions

  • Virtual onboarding of new joiners through a gamified scenario


  • Role-based learning journeys
  • How-to videos and cue cards for just-in-time learning
  • Integration of performance ratios into the learning platform, with tracking
  • Suggest targeted training modules based on low-scoring ratios