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Digital Sales Enablement tool

Many organizations face a challenge with the continuous learning and support of their distributed workforce. Once the employee joins the workplace after a formal induction, most learning happens on the job. Better performers acquire manager positions without a systematic training in people management. The problem compounds when the workforce is geographically distributed or has a feet-on-street profile.

To provide ongoing performance support to Sales professionals of banks and insurance companies, NIIT IFBI offers a mobile app-based Sales Enablement tool.

Some examples of scenarios where the Digital Sales Enablement tool could provide great value:

  • Just-on-time sales support to feet-on-street staff through product cue cards and How-To videos
  • Structured development path to experienced professionals to make them ready for managerial positions
  • Virtual onboarding of new joiners through a gamified scenario


  • Role-based learning journeys
  • How-to videos and cue cards for just-in-time learning
  • Integration of performance ratios into the learning platform, with tracking
  • Suggest targeted training modules based on low-scoring ratios