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NIIT launched NLighten

/ August 19, 2019

NIIT launched NLighten – a weekly series of experts sharing their knowledge with its over 20 thousand students. NIITians from all over came together to make this happen, driven by a mission of providing greater possibilities to NIIT students through knowledge sharing.

NLighten was launched in July with our first speakers conducting the virtual connect sessions. Over 250 students across the country attended these talks. The brilliance on the part of our expert Speakers found resonance with the students, who participated enthusiastically making the sessions an excellent example of the sharing and collaborative learning. Getting to hear from these experts was a real treat for the students who connected directly with such experienced professionals. Their enthusiasm was evident in the number and quality of questions they asked.

The first three talks were around the following themes:

  • What the employer is looking for?
  • Mobile Applications and the market for applications and career opportunities for developers
  • Emerging Technologies – 2019

Recordings of these interactions are available on NIIT’s internal portal for the entire student community and the rest of the world can experience the NIIT power on YouTube.